Emerald Redwing

Emerald is a Native American female elf, 5'6", 120lbs.


Emerald runs a small printing shop, Personas Non Gratis, in downtown Seattle. Her logo reads, “Items retrieved, Personas Created.”


11-10-2042: Born Sacramento, California

08-28-2060: enrolled in Cal Berkley

05-15-2062: withdrew/deleted from Cal Berkley, DNF

2065: suspected, occasionally detain, of/for petty thefts, Seattle, Washington. No charges ever laid.

2069: Opens ‘Personas Non Gratis,’ a print shop in the Seattle downtown core, across a parking lot from All American Liquors.

2070: Employes the Galise Brothers as ‘security specialists’

2072: Rumored to be running the shadows with an unnamed team

Emerald Redwing

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