Seattle, a cold, damp city that hides secrets sixty years old. Goods and information from around the world move into and out of Seattle in massive quantities; making it a vital hub in the economic strucutre of just about every nation on the western Seaboard.

As a result, virtually every megacorporation in the world has a presence here, ranging from prosperous (such as the heights of the corporate towers in Ares Plaza), to the ultra secret and ultra secure (such as the zero zone surrounding the Mtsuhama Computer Technologies Complex), and even the monuments to pride and failure, showing that even the mighty can fall if they are too arrogant (such as the defunct Renraku Arcology).

And like any economically prosperous city; it hosts a rich underworld. Mafia, Yakuza, Triads, Vory, and a whole host of street gangs make a living off of breaking the law. They quarrel and fight for territory; but, overall, try to keep things relatively peaceful and stick to their own claimed territory.

This is the city in which the first Shadowrunners began their careers. This is the city that can reward those who can slip through the cracks of society; avoid attention from the higher authorities, and break laws and corporate rules at the behest of a patron.

All this is about to change.

The delicate balance of power is beginning to shake. Already disrupted by the events of the Emergence and the Tempo wars; cracks are starting to show in the new structure that Seattle has fallen in to. Gang wars and violence, while not an unknown sight in Seattle, are becoming more and more common as the Syndicates clash in the streets. Governor Brackhaven, with his rumored and unconfirmed ties to the Humanis Policlub, wants to impose his own vision on Seattle; and has begun initiating changes without regard for the consequences on those beneath his attention. The Megacorporations are stepping up operations against one another in the Seattle area. And even more mystical institutions and powers are on the move; many of them seeking relics and artifacts of a time long past. Change is in the wind.

Just remember the Shadowrunner’s creedo, and you may survive: Shoot straight, conserve ammo and never, ever deal with a dragon.

Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

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