Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

Dawn of the Artifacts: Part Three

Part Three: It Dawned on Them to Run

[May 17, 2072, The Auction, Global Sandstorm Building, Lagos Island 7PM]

The Team arrived at the auction with little fanfare, which was just the way they preferred it. It was a very posh affair with champagne and hor d’ouvres being offered and most attendees dressed to the nines. Emerald did her best to blend into the scenery and her well chosen business attire helped in that regard. Little did anyone know all that she had concealed under and within it. She surreptitiously scanned the crowd. Lots of dignitaries, wealthy people, but no Samriel Lockwood, though his red haired female companion was present.

The auction itself was rather staid with items up for bids, prices going into the millions, and polite applause for the ‘winners.’ Finally the Pipa Reis map’s turn came. No special attention was paid, the bidding started and before long Jane announced that her limit had been reached, the item was, technically, lost. Doc was able to broker a quick alliance with the rep from the Atlatian Foundation, who had also dropped out of the bidding. With her extra monetary backing, Jane was able to buy the map for 2.5 million, a bargain at any price. The Team was in possession of the map!

It was at this point that a certain dark realization sunk in. If they had lost the bidding, then they would have had to try and steal the map. But they won the bidding, so now the other losers were in that position, and the Team was faced with getting the map out of Lagos in one piece, themselves also.

Emerald’s father had often said that a man needs a plan. The plan they decided on here was one of misdirection. Emerald would make herself invisible and then create the illusion of their group leaving by the winners’ elevator. That way when it got to the garage and the robbers were waiting for it, all they could shoot was an image. Seemed like a plan.

Emerald invisibly boarded the elevator and started down. About halfway to the bottom she had a thought. Her companions were still up there, visible to all, and with the map. How was her going down this way helping in any way? And what was she going to do against a bunch of armed robbers? And, for that matter, how was this going to aid the others in getting out and away with the map? She then properly recalled her father’s words. “A man needs a good plan.”

‘Oh, frac, should have paid better attention.’ Realizing that her life was coming closer to its end with every passing floor, she decided to hide in the area above the ceiling. Climbing up and opening the latch, she was further disturbed to uncover an APEP security guard lurking there. And while he could not ‘see’ her, he knew someone was there, someone he intended to harm, if not kill. ‘Double frac.’

Redwing the cat had many forms. In its purest state, as a pet cat, it could be very friendly and purr when properly stroked. In its normal ‘working state, it had the stealth of the panther, a shadowy figure which could sneak by unnoticed or sneak up on pounce upon a hapless prey. But neither of those ‘forms’ would do Emerald much good now. Redwing reverted to the mountain cat, evoking the fury of a cornered beast. Emerald abandoned the stealthy panther and became the cornered puma, an animal she had observed as she followed one through the Cascade Mountains many times. While her assailant had many more attacks, hers were way more violent. In truth, he did not know what or who had hit him. Stunned, he lay on the floor of the elevator, an odd tune humming in his head:

She gave me cat scratch fever
I got that cat scratch fever

It’s nothin dangerous
I feel no pain
I’ve got to ch-ch-change
You know you got it when you’re going insane
It makes a grown man cryin’ cryin’

— Cat Scratch Fever, Ted Nugent

Soon she had him stunned and trussed up with the shoelaces she kept in her suit pocket. She had time to alert the others to her dilemma before the elevator hit the bottom floor.

When the doors opened an armed gang was waiting. No surprise there. Emerald continued to act on the instinct of survival of the mountain cat. As this group approached, she used her prisoner to knock them off balance and gain a bit of a jump on them as she ran into and, she hoped, through the parking garage. She created another image of her Team getting out safely which caused this gang to pursue outside. She had time to have their image hail a cab and head for the airport, taking the long way to lead them astray. “The garage is clear,” she reported as her taxi drove off with a black sedan following her.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Team came to the realization that this plan really wasn’t working, not that it ever had a chance. They took the regular elevator, but rather than head to the now cleared parking garage, they got off at the second floor and fled as best they could, heading towards a heliport where they hoped to hop a helicopter to the airport. And they might have made it without incident, if only they had not mistaken a fence for a wall. True, they look alike, no, wait, they don’t. True, they sound alike, no, wait, they don’t. Whatever. . . . And so they found themselves in a battle with four orc gunmen!

Emerald’s cab was on the long bridge, the sedan still in pursuit, as the traffic slowed to a crawl. It seems there was an overturned truck up ahead causing a delay. ‘The cat is faster on its own.’ She ditch the cab and ran towards and past the delay, then hopped in the back of the first flat truck that went by, leaving her pursuers to the tedium of traffic. The panther took a nap under a tarp as the truck continued across the bridge unaware of its non paying passenger. Once off the island, she let this truck take her a far as was useful, then hopped off and made her way to the airport, a lone and lost tourist in the wilds. She really needed to pee, but signs forbidding this were posted along her route. ‘Can rob, kill, cheat, smuggle, kidnap, demand bribes and lie, but no urination or defecation allowed. Is this a wonderful country or what?’ Not wanting to be ‘disgraced’ she held it in.

[May 17, 2072, The Airport, Lagos 10PM]

Once there she sought out her best bud Innocent and his wonderful flying machine. “Get that rust bucket rolling, there will be little time for smoking on this tarmac.”

The Team had dispatched the orcs and were now en route. Innocent had the plane ready and waiting as the helicopter came into view. Unfortunately it was not the only copter in view as an ARES copter showed up and opened fire. Emerald was able to blind the gunner and one of Wren’s spirits first bent the guns and then disabled the copter, sending it away from the area.

All seemed well with their world as the boarded the plane and started to taxi along the runway – - – until an APEP team with a rather large bazooka type gun appeared ready to abort their takeoff. And then a silver haired saviour of unknown origin and motivation appeared and destroyed this team.

[May 18, 2072, Akra, Niger]

Safe for now, they boarded a plane with the insignia of the Draco Foundation for the remainder of their journey, first to Cairo, and then home.

[May 19, 2072, Seattle]

They arrived in Seattle outskirts to no fanfare, just the usual steady and depressing rain. Jane thanked them for their efforts with thanks and with Nuyen, the latter of which was well earned. She then got into a limo with some unidentified older man. Hmm . . .

Shortly, after a call from Emerald, a white panel delivery truck arrived, driven by a twenty something Asian-American male whom Emerald introduced as ‘Ryan.’ He gave them a lift back into the city proper.

‘I need a vacation.’

Dawn of the Artifacts: Part Two

Part Two: Almost Dead After Arrival

[May 14, 2072 Ife, Yoruba, The Royal Palace-7AM]

Sheena awakens full of vim and vigor, but Fractured Ferret is still feeling the effects of Hotel Cockerel, so still back in the loo in town.

After some heated discussion and musings, the Team decided that if it was an inside job, they could do nothing about it. So, hoping that it was outsiders, they searched outside the mansion. Low and behold, footprints and a trail which led to scorch marks about a mile from the villa. Deducing some sort of fired fly away, Doc located a V Rocket heading south towards the good old airport where there was a Russian plane awaiting, on board of which was Hippo Kojoli, the aptly named fattest fixer in Lagos. Rather than chase him to the airport and beyond, they learned from Innocent the pilot, that Hippo could likely be found at the Three Friends’ Restaurant.

[May 14, 2072 Three Friends Restaurant, Lagos-4PM]

After wending their way through some street wars that broken out due to the theft of the statue, they got to the Three Friends, where they have no problem finding Hippo, like finding a haystack on a needle. He’s willing to help them out if they deliver a package for him. Hmm, well, why not?

[May 14, 2072 Federated Palace Hotel, Lagos Island -8PM]

Across the suspension bridge to the island, to the hotel, to give the package to George Stompenato, and back. So simple, so easy – until the world’s dumbest jacker decides to try and rip them off. So they blow him away.

[May 14, 2072 Three Friends Restaurant, Lagos-9PM]

Hippo willingly rats out the thief, one Silence, an Iboo, the other tribe. Loyalty in Lagos.

[May 14, 2072 Dancing Orc Brothel, Lagos-10PM]

Looking for Silence in one of his regular haunts. As they approach the place, Sheena makes some reference about flying in the window. Emerald begins a long-winded, yet very apt, recollection of her TV days, those old cop shows, and how the two dicks would pound on the door only to have the perp bust a move out the window, and then the ubiquitous pursuit with one cop out the window, the other backtracking yet somehow always guessing right so he can clothesline said perp at the corner. As the others drift off, some of her wisdom does get through. Sheena and Wren go round the back; Emerald and Doc play the ‘dick’ role and find out the room number and knock on the door and almost get blown to bits as Silence climbs out the window. But, since they did get Emerald’s message, his attempt to climb up the back wall falls short, about fifteen feet short, and he hits the pavement—hard.

They snatch up the body, still alive, and make haste as Palace Security has shown up somehow, and no way the Team is letting them get the credit for this one.

After some encouragement, Silence cops to taking the statue and admits that he gave it to his grandfather at a nearby compound. They also relieve Silence of his darksuit.

[May 14, 2072 The Compound, Lagos-11PM]

Using various means, they scope out the compound and locate the safe where the statue could well be, with only one person in that particular room at least. It becomes Emerald’s task to get in, get it, and get out.

‘Time to walk the walk.’

Emerald easily unlocked a main door and took a peek. The two tribesmen began slightly wary of the door’s movement until . . . .

. . . . Emerald became Redwing, the cat that moves as lightly as a bird. At least that’s what the tribe, her tribe in the Salish-Shidhe Council territory decided when they gave her this Amerindian name after she had passed the test. Now she resorted to that form, at least mentally. She was not in Lagos, not in mind and spirit at least; she was in the Snoqualmie Forest. Invisible, silent, and light of feet, she entered. These two men were no match for Redwing, she who had survived the Test of the Forest and earned the respect of the Tribe. She quickly caused some confusion between the two men till they were at each other’s throats. Down a long hallway she ‘flew’ till she was at the door where the Iboo elder and the statue lay beyond. Again, ever so slowly, ever so stealthily, she entered and got to the safe. It proved a bit more challenging. The elder sensed some disturbance and sought help, but Emerald had anticipated this possibility. She had heard a rumour that the statue might be cursed, and knowing how superstitious these people were, she created a life-size image of the statue as a distraction. By the time they had shot it to death, they had shot many of their own as well. Emerald made a simple getaway with the prized statue, and a bottle of whiskey for good measure.

Once outside she became the Emerald they knew once more. Redwing would wait for another day.

[May 15, 2072 mid morning, Lagos]

With the return of the statue, Jane ‘Frosty’ was able to get the needed invitation to the auction. It would be held on the 17th at the Global Sandstorm Building on Lagos Island. In order to attend properly, they would need better clothing. A shopping trip, something of a celebration, was in order.

They got in a cab to take them to the island for some shopping but the dude ‘got lost’ somehow in the slums? And then all hell, all kinds of hell, broke loose.

It wasn’t a ‘bacon tree,’ it was an ambush.’
—Old tasteless and politically incorrect joke

Before they had a chance to react, their cab was cut off by a truck, trapping them in an alley where they were sitting ducks. Bullets rained down upon them like, well, rain. But being metal, they sliced through the cab.

Emerald somehow became the fattest of the ducks as the bullets tore through her body armor, mystic armor, and her body itself. It was all she could do to stay conscious; she began to hear some dirge like voice, song lyrics played in her near unconscious, keeping her from going under.

Some mother fucker shot me. I’m really starting to bleed.
Some mother fucker shot me, and I can hardly breathe.
Some mother fucker shot me. I’m starting to turn blue,
Some mother fucker shot me! What the hell am I gonna do?

—Shoot Me a Mother Fucker, Jet Black, 2066

Never before had lyrics been so real to her, never before did she really appreciate any. She had played Jet’s songs over and over till she had to erase them. Well, . . . and now life was imitating art. She was about to join Jet Black in the great beyond, when his chorus brought her back to the present.

Gonna shoot that mother fucker, gonna shoot him in the head.
Gonna shoot that mother fucker till he’s fucking dead.
Gonna shoot that mother fucker, but that won’t be the end,
Cause when that mother fucker’s dead gonna shoot his fucking’ friend.

—Shoot Me a Mother Fucker, Jet Black, 2066

And so, with a song in her heart and her HK 227 now removed from where it had been strapped against her back, she recalled what the Galise boys had taught her. ‘Ready, sort of aim, start firing.’ Soon at least one of their assailants was dead, another badly wounded, and Emerald was out of the cab limping for cover, down one alley, then another. Doc’s voice came through, something about using the blocking truck as an escape vehicle. Somewhat blindly, unable to stop any bleeding, she soldiered on in what she hoped was the right direction. Finally, she saw the truck. She also saw that Sheena was still in the cab, still alive, yet under heavy fire. Emerald created a distraction, or so she thought, of three of them fleeing in some direction so as to draw fire away from Sheena. But it had no effect. It was only then, that Doc’s voice came though clearly. Their assailants were ghouls and as such, could NOT see, so images had no effect on them. Emerald was supposed to have learned this a while back, back in that warehouse where they freed that spoiled child, but she had been sooooo obsessing about stealing a Harley, that she had not learned the lesson then. ‘Life is a series of short stories punctuated by experience,’ and this was one she would not forget.

As the shots continued to blister the pavement, she made it to the truck bed and dove in. Soon, though it seemed longer, they were all in the truck and Doc was driving them safely away. Not that Emerald noticed much, as she once again wavered in and out of consciousness.

[May 15, 2072 afternoon, Lagos]

It took some time to put Humpty Dumpty together again. While the wounds would heal, the scars would remain. Jane concluded that the shooters were probably hired by other bidders to take out some of the competition. Perhaps, and perhaps not. Time would tell.

They did finally get some clothing, and much to everyone’s surprise, Emerald did not get some clinging, see through number. She settled, or chose rather, and very dapper, business like suit, with vest skirt, and basic white blouse. [a la Cary Lowell in License to Kill.] Better to be the fly on the wall than the fly under the swatter.

Dawn of the Artifacts: Part One

Part One: It Began to Dawn on Them

[May 9, 2072 Renton, The 77 Club]

Fabulous Ferret invites one and all to join him at this very ritzy establishment at the behest of his own Johnson who helped him beat the heat in LA sometime back. In this incantation, Mrs. Johnson is a brown haired elven woman going by the name of Jane, [Hi, where’s Tarzan?’] with a dragon shaped ring. She knows of a private antiquities collector who is missing an item. She shows them a photo of an elf, one Samriel Lockwood, who supposedly has the item. The item itself is some sort of armillary sphere navigational sextant, whatever that is. The only real fly in the ointment is that the item is in the god forsaken city of Lagos. They are going to have to fly to Cairo, Egypt, from there to Akra, capital of Niger, and then by bush pilot to Lagos. And they must leave ASAP! Lagos, what is that they say about Lagos? Oh, yeah, Ares Arms Africa, and Logos is rumoured to be the center of that activity.

[May 10, 2072 Personas Non Gratis 2AM]

Emerald does her best to get ready for the perilous journey. Once ‘ready’ she sends a com to the others.

‘OK, I had my shots, and a couple of other shots. Now about supplies, got a waterproof carry bag for my stuff, water filter, iodine tablets, waterproof outer wear, anti malaria pills, lube for my metal stuff, mosquito repellent and netting. . . ..

Anybody got any other ideas???’

Not surprisingly she gets one, and only one reply. It is from Doc. It reads, “Dramamine.” Ok, she’ll get some, make that lots, of Dramamine.

[May 10, 2072 Seatack Airport, Seattle and beyond]

With ‘Jane,’ the Team boards an Oceanic Airline flight to Cairo.

Well, my bags are packed, I’m ready to go,
I’m standing here outside your door,
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.
But the dawn is breaking, it’s early morn,
The taxis waiting he’s blowing his horn,
Already I’m so lonesome I could cry.

Emerald’s mind is already back in the Snoqualmie Forest seeing his familiar face in the rear view mirror as she motors away, not looking back.

. . . . .

Leaving on a Jet plane,
Don’t know when I’ll be back again.
Oh God, I hate to go

—Leaving on a Jet Plane, John Denver 1966

The in flight movie is one Emerald has seen many times, Pretty Woman. Wren remarks that the film is right up Emerald’s alley. Openly, Emerald agrees.

Pretty woman, walking down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman
I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth
No one could look as good as you

—Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison, 1964

But inwardly, she knows better. ‘If only they knew, but I guess my act has them fooled. So far I’ve talked the talk. Just hope when the time comes I’ll be able to walk the walk.’

During the long flight some info is shared as some have done some homework research on the topic of this Samriel Lockwood. It seems there is an organization known as the Atlantian foundation which is attempting to recreate the lost continent of Atlantis. Associated in some way with this foundation is a group known as the Mystic Crusaders—a warrior society which guards the world against magical threats. And, one Samriel Lockwood is one of these Mystic Crusaders. Perhaps he figures the item will help find the lost continent?

As the flight continues ad infinitum, Emerald drifts off, sleeping soundly in the comfort of dreams of the forest.

[May 11, 2072 Akra, the airport, and beyond]

Having survived the flight to Cairo, and then from there to Akra, the Team arrives at beautiful Akra International airport, which gives dumps a bad name. Waiting for them is one Innocent Dupree, their pilot for the flight to Lagos. The plane seems to be held together by the rust corroding it. And Dupree believes that the world is a smoking section. For reasons known only to the insane, they board this ‘aircraft’ for the flight. Walking through the jungle would have been a better choice, at least in Emerald’s eyes. It is during this flight, this seemingly endless flight, that she recalls all those childhood prayers. She takes the opportunity that the smoke anywhere policy affords her, and smokes that of her choice. And, she now realizes the wisdom of Doc’s ‘dramamine.’ It becomes a very brief flight for her.

[May 12, 2072 Lagos, Murtala Mohammed International Airport, 600 Hrs]

As they finally near their destination, somehow still alive, Emerald recalls some of Tyrunn’s lyrics once more:

‘The seatbelt light is on now. Soon we’re going to land,
My legs they are so bent and cramped don’t know if I’ll be able to stand.
Taxiing along the runway the terminal is near,
I welcome that morbid sounding sight without worry, without fear.

—9:56 California Time, Tyrunn, 2007

As if there were any seatbelts, and the ‘terminal’ is a Quonset hut. So much for the ‘without fear’ part. This site made Emerald long for the comfort of the beautiful airport in Akra. Once off, Emerald follows another of Tyrunn’s lines and ‘kisses the ground she walks upon,’ in spite of all its infectious potential. Once inside the airport, they get a quick lesson in ‘paying the piper’ Lagosian style, as every palm needs to be ‘greased.’ After exchanging some NY for Lion tokens, they engage a scooter taxi, the very aptly names Reckless Cabs driven by Reckless himself, for a joy ride of some 18 km to the hotel, the luxury hotel, the Porto Neuvo, in Apapa.

[May 12, 2072 Lagos, the Porto Neuvo Luxury Hotel, and touring the city 10AM-1PM]

The accommodations in the luxury hotel are exactly as to be expected. Emerald opens the door to her room with optimism.

Mirrors on the ceiling,
Pink Champagne on ice.
She says, “We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device.”

—Hotel California, The Eagles, 1977

Unfortunately the only thing on the ceiling is water stain from the room above, or at least one hopes it is ‘water stain.’ On the plus side, each room does come with its own insect trap- a giant lizard which eats the almost as large cockroaches. Each floor comes with its own ‘guard’ who has to be ‘convinced’ to not rob their room. What more could one ask of luxury accommodations?

Apparently, a lot as the very sight of his room gives Ferret instant dysentery. He takes to the lavatory and remains there. Shenanigans , [aka Sheena for short] is struck almost silent, distant, as if she is far away, yet still around.

Once settled into their suites, and since the rooms are not very conducive to sleeping, the team heads for the market. One particular store stands out – Laventis Store- where certain specialty items can be purchased. Eventually Doc confirms that Lockwood is in town, or coming into town at the airport. ‘Good thing I got that guy’s card.’ Once again in Reckless’ Reckless Cab and off to the airport. Naturally, this simple trip is even more fun this time as they come upon a truck of slavers accosting a bus load of potential slaves. Not really their concern until certain nasty things start happening to certain female passengers. As this point Emerald decides to take action, and as advised by the others, creates a scary sight, a toxic tar spirit. With Wren’s help the slavers are convinced that it is real and everyone runs for it, everyone including Reckless. It is left to Emerald to pilot the scooter cab to the airport. How hard can that be? About ten yards and one grand explosion later, they find out. ‘My rides all have CAP on them. Stupid back wood countries.’

[May 12, 2072 Lagos, Murtala Mohammed International Airport, 2PM]

A forty minute walk to the airport proves fruitless. Samriel is not at the airport any longer. He has come and gone, via helicopter, to the royal palace of the King of Yoruba!

May 12, 2072 Lagos, the Porto Neuvo Luxury Hotel and the Market, 6PM]

‘It takes a thief to catch a thief.’ When properly ‘encouraged,’ the fellow who is guarding their floor, Peaceful, tells of one Kayin at the amulet market in the shop Oshodi Solo who knows about items of interests. The password is, “Emile sent us.” ‘Oh boy, a password! Where’s that old Betty White when we need her?’

At this shop they find out that they are not the only ones looking for this item. And, as always, for the right amount of currency, they learn that Samriel has been here asking about the same item. ‘You mean he does NOT have it?’ And they look at Jane.

Emerald is reminded of one of those B&W films her father bored her with. When Louie asks Rick why he came to Casablanca, Rick replies, “The waters,” and Louie says that Casablanca is in the desert.

“I was misinformed.” Rick deadpans.

—Humphrey Bogart to Claude Rains, Casablanca, 1942

They also learn that there will be a viewing of many valuable and rare items at the aforementioned Royal Palace the next day. Yes, they can get an invite, for even more money.

[May 13, 2072 Ife, Yoruba, The Royal Palace]

The Team arrives at the Palace as official invitees, and is allowed to stay in one very nice room until time for the viewing.

The viewing is held in the vault, one very impressive Vault. Emerald spends her time wondering how she would break into it and deciding that she could not. ‘The Palace maybe, but not into here.’ The item will have to be purchased. But then, while Samriel Lockwood is here, speaking to a red haired elf, the item they have come halfway around the world for is not. Fortunately, there is an item of interest to Jane, and therefore to them. There is a map – the Piri Reis Map, a very rare item. Legend has it that it was drawn by a Turkish cartographer, c. 1513. It shows that coastline of Antarctica without the ice. Hmmm . . And, as Wren notes, when viewed astrally, the map has hidden features.

They do get to enjoy the formal dinner, a very sumptuous affair. ‘Too bad Ferret is still sick. This is the perfect occasion for his dinner jacket.’

And in the master’s chambers,
They gathered for the feast
The stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can’t kill the beast.

—Hotel California, The Eagles, 1977

Unfortunately, no invitation to the auction is forthcoming. They have no choice but to retire to their rooms and plan an alternate strategy. In the midst of deciding whose invite they might try to snatch, they are interrupted at 11PM by the Palace guards who suspect them of theft. Once the guards’ suspicions have been quashed the team does learn that the statue of the king’s grandfather has been stolen. Hmm . . . now if they could recover it, that just might get them a date to the prom.

Chang's Gangers are Missing

[May 4, 2072 Seattle, Personas Non Gratis, 7PM]

It seemed a quiet and peaceful night until Emerald gets a call from Doc, seems Mr. Chang wants them out on Bainbridge Island, in Outremer. ‘A chance to ride the Harley!,’ she figures, till she gets outside in the poring acid rain and wished she’d asked for a ride. Heads out into it anyway, and takes the ferry to the island.

[May 4, 2072 the coast of Bainbridge Island, 8PM]

Emerald, soaked, meets up with the others, ‘cept Shenanigans is now a hot American blonde. A really hot American blonde. ‘Hmmm, I did experiment just a bit back in college. . . .’
‘First Ferret, now her. Am I next?’ Doc, Wren and the ever dapper Ferret [who would look bitchin’ in a smoking jacket] are there, as well as Mr. Chang and his gang of black suited thugs. Some ‘banger’ is kneeling in what will certainly soon be his own grave. ‘Not me,’ she whispers, ‘don’t stare.’

Mr. Chang shows them a body bag and what’s inside. Why, it’s bodies.

‘But – wait—those bodies,’ Emerald recognizes them as three of the people for whom she provided fake Port Authority IDs. ‘Oh, shit,’ she thinks and then she almost does. It looks like that ‘banger’ is gonna have company in that shallow grave. ‘Me and him forever and ever’ she fears, ‘I know people think my love life is dead, but . . .’. Emerald made those for AC. No idea her friend was connected to the Yellow Lotus, and somehow those ID’s must have got these three guys killed. ‘Not good, not good.’ As she waits for the invitation to either join the banger, or dig her own, Mr. Chang shows them another bag. This one has the dead guy’s internal organs. ‘Oh this just keeps getting better.’

But, for whatever reasons, Mr. Chang is not looking her way. ‘Maybe AC didn’t rat me out?’ Seems he has different interests. He says something about Tempo coming in to the city and cutting into his BLT trade. And two of his men, well one guy, Ju Shen, and one woman, Xiang Jian, are still missing. Maybe the gang can find them. Never was Emerald more relieved, and happy to be alive. But then Mr. Chang has a gun in his hand and . . . he goes over to the head banger, and makes him a ‘dead banger.’ Emerald continued to remain strangely silent. All she wants to do is disguise herself as a dock worker and go look where these guys were last. But, since the bodies were held in cold storage, it was decided to go there first. Doc does not want to tangle with the Russian mob. Emerald does not want to end up in a shallow grave. So cold storage it is.

[May 4, 2072 Storage Locker, Industrial Area, 9PM]

Emerald is hoping that maybe they can find and rescue the remaining two Chang Gangers, but that hope is quickly dashed as one more body, that of Ju Shen, awaits them in the locker, the apparent drop off point for disposal. Outside they find some tire tracks, but that’s not very helpful. Emerald and Foxy Ferret are content to lay in wait for the final body to appear and then act, but the others do not share their liberality with Xiang Jian’s life. Pity. They do find a finger print which is identified as that of that renowned purveyor of body parts, one Dr. Simon Caldwell. Naturally, he is well protected by the big double and triple A companies. So, little hope in getting to him. However, as Doc is doing his thing he discovers that someone else is looking in on him, and the source of that someone is a ship, the Roger Revelle, which is owned by Excursions International Research, which is connected to good old Doc Caldwell. Russian mob territory, here they come after all!

[May, 2072 Seattle Docks, 10PM]

The docks are not all that busy at this time of night, just some sailors returning from what seems like leave. There is a helicopter there and a smattering of an argument catches the collective ears, some mention of the Terminator, famed Russian enforcer. Wonderful, this night just keeps getting better. One of Wren’s searchers seems to have located the maybe still breathing Xiang Jian way down in the hold of the ship.

Shenanigans and Emerald use their womanly wiles to entice a few sailors, coming out of Casey’s bar, into a nearby alley where they perform the traditional ‘Slug and Tug’ on them, getting uniforms for the team so they can slip aboard the ship. ‘As if’ those clowns had a chance against two such hot babes.

They use the key cards gained to board the Roger Revelle and follow the schematic that Doc accessed to make their way down and deeper into the heart of the vessel. They play the old laundry game to bypass some guards, and finally reach somewhere near the engine room where they locate Xiang Jian, who is in the midst of being tortured, er, interrogated. After a brief physical activity period the interrogators ‘willingly’ let Xiang Jian go. With her in a large laundry bag, the gang tries to take their now washed laundry back the way they came, only the ship seems to be on high alert. ‘Maybe they time the laundry sessions.’ Since no one wants to be doing KP, they try , and find, and alternate exit. Now at the stern of the ship, all they have to do is jump in the water, the wonderful, clean warm water. Except, well , the water has none of those qualities and Shenanigans can’t swim. ‘Hell of a time to tell me that, Butch.’ Fortunately Emerald can find some life jackets, and both Wren and she can use their invisibility spells to allow for an escape, and calm, silent, unseen escape.

Of course, there is this huge tarpaulin covering who knows what on the stern deck. ‘Maybe just a little peek . . . .’ Turns out there’s a fleet of Hum vies under there! Emerald would so very like to make off with one of these babies, only there is no suitable ramp and, well, she, well, ….. never mind. So, she and Wren make like Ester Williams and Johnny Weissmuller and dive overboard, not that anyone can witness the grace with which they enter the water, invisible and all, but the judges recorded perfect scores, and the Olympic medals are in the mail.

They return Xiang Jian to Mr. Chang who suitably rewards the gang with some dinero and the warning to ‘get out of Dodge’ for awhile. ‘Don’t have to tell me twice.’

Meredith Boydston: Lost and Found

[April 15, 2072; 7AM Personas Non Gratis]

After leaving the others at the warehouse, Emerald caught a ride back to town in the All Star Liquors truck. Since then, it’s been a few weeks and business has been slim. Did do a forge jog for AC, something to do with ID’s for Port Authority guys, but none of her business or concern. The money was good.

Emerald gets a call from DB, seems some kind of extraction job is in the offing, can she gather a team, OK, ‘Her’ team, and meet at Club Penumbra pronto. ‘Woah, I got a team? Er, I mean, I GOT a TEAM!’ What the hell? Wonder how DB knew. Word sure gets around fast. She’s awake, so why not? Rent’ll be coming up soon enough. So she gives ‘em a call, they are all linked up and all. As she prepares to leave she hears something on the news about a hijacking gone bad and some plane blowing up. It gives her pause, but just for the moment.

[April 15, 2072; 9:30AM Club Penumbra]

Emerald meets up with the Doc, Wren, Shenanigans and, whoa! Some orc dude who used to be Johnny Straight, only now he’s something out of sci fi, driving a big ass Hummer, and tricked out with expensive and deadly weaponry. Science experiment gone just plain sideways weird, that’s all. Anyway, get some lame ass troll bouncer to let them in. Meet with a ‘Mr. Johnson’ [sure are a lot of Johnson’s around] , silver haired, black suited, claims to work for an insurance company. Seems some rich brat, Meredith Boydston, client’s daughter, has been snatched, and can we get her back and save the company lots a dough and all. Sure, sure we can . . . only it’s gonna cost ‘em more than they want to pay. Seems orc dude, aka ‘Ferret,’ has a real sweet line, still Jonny Straight, more of a ‘Friendly Ferret’ underneath, and talks the guy into upping the ante. Sometime round now Doc suggests routing all the comlinks through his highly protected firewall. Emerald figures he gets off listening to other’s heavy breathing. But he does err on the side of caution and has led her straight so far, so why not? Besides, she’s got a few others for her own affairs.

[April 15, 2072; 10:30AM near Crusher 495 Club]

Only lead they have is sweet little Meredith had a tiff with her ‘Daddy,’ yeah, Emerald knows how that can go, and she drove off in a huff, actually in her spoiled brat little blue Beemer, to meet her hunk du jour, one ‘Headbanger’ of the Ravagers cycle gang. What is it with rich little Barbies and their attraction to the Bad Boys? Her car last showed up near the Crusher 495 Club out in the Redmond Barrens last night. Now the race is on cause the ransom is due by noon today. These Ravagers are known to hang out at the Aces bar, [aka, the Scum Pit], but who want to go there? The Ravagers are into all sorts of fun stuff, like drugs, intimidation, kidnapping, fun bunch o’ guys. Doc drives while Emerald rides shotgun, Ferret takes Wren and Shenanigans in the Hummer. They head to the, ahem, ‘scene of the crime.’ Wren has already voiced the possibility that the whole thing might be a fake, the old inside job, and Emerald is sure leading that way as well. They find cycle tracks, cars tracks, signs of a struggle and blood. Emerald gets some local yokel to buy her yarn about how her kid sister’s car has been ‘borrowed’ and just wants it back. Yokel says there is a garage, Billy’s, couple of blocks away.

[April 15, 2072; 10:45AM Billy’s Garage]

Billy’s Garage turns out to be a front for another cycle gang, the Crushers. Where do they come up with their names anyway? Sure enough, once Ferret, Doc and the unseen Emerald get inside, spot a blue Beemer up on the lift, already being stripped. A little NY gets Doc into the car and its system and he sees what happened. Sure enough the Ravagers did take her, packed her into a black van, and Headbanger sold the car to Billy. Maybe it wasn’t so fake, maybe the Bad Boy is just plain, a BAD BOY. Sometimes Emerald is embarrassed to be a woman. Not much else to be found in there.

Meanwhile, Wren sends out one of his ‘spirit searchers’ and it finds a location in Auburn, the old abandoned Puget Crushing Plant.

[April 15, 2072; 11:00AM Auburn, Puget Crushing Plant]

Scope the place out. Wren can locate people inside and it seems innocent little Meredith is one of them, locked in the men’s room. ‘Serves her right, hope she’s enjoying the urinal cakes.’ Plan a major assault. See, while Meredith is the main objective, there is likely a bounty on Headbangers head, so could be in for a double pay day. ‘Sweet.’ Doc hacks the security system, such as it is. Then, Emerald shocks one of the guards and Four Gun drills him and then his buddy. Emerald then plants a grenade in the van and takes cover.

This explosion serves as the ever so subtle signal that the others can make their rear entry. Fearless Ferret blows a hole in the back wall, and he, Doc and Wren head in hoping to free Meredith. Emerald makes it seem like the place is under a head on assault from the Crushers, with Billy in the lead making slow progress towards the main entrance. Ever the acrobat, Shenanigans gets on the roof and goes all Circe du Soleil on their ass by rappelling through the skylight. ‘If only she had two of those machine guns, a la Under Siege.’ Things seem a bit tense and touch and go till Frenzied Ferret gets in touch with his inner Dr Jeckle, becomes Ferocious Ferret, starts strafing everyone in sight. Doc has turned their own ‘security’ system on them as well. Of course, ‘live by the strafe, almost die by the strafe.’ Soon the blood, including Ferret’s, begins to pool and the situation begins to cool. Even Headbanger gets his head banged, well, blown away. As Doc gets the girl out and waits for the ‘Federalis,’ Ferret and Wren get away in the Hummer. From the beginning, when Emerald learned of the flock of Harleys inside, she’d been ‘jonesing’ for one. Kept trying to slip in and make the snatch. Now, Emerald can’t resist the shine of the Ravagers’ Harleys. She liberates one, and with Shenanigans hanging on the back, on ‘the road not taken,’ into the noon day sun, ride the two amigos.

Turns out that in addition to what the insurance company offered, there was indeed a bounty on good old Headbanger’s head. And, turns out old Doc is an honest guy as he splits the proceeds. ‘Sweeter.’

The Jet Black Saga

[April 2, 2072]

[Seattle, Downtown, ‘Personas Non Gratis,’ 7PM]

Emerald’s comlink sounds. A computer voice offers her an opportunity. All she has to do be at the nearby Stuffer Shack, a modern day 7/11 now 24/7, in about an hour to meet a purple haired elf named, ahem, ‘Mrs. Johnson.’ “Piece ‘o cake,’ she figures. Doesn’t take her long to get there on her scooter. Parks it around the back and goes inside. She heads to the rear, frozen section, where she can watch the door in the anti theft mirrors.

Slowly others show up. A Chinese looking gunslinger chick, a Korean-American-Japanese dude, some old alki-looking fart in a long coat, and Johnny Straight. They all act as if nothing’s up but . . . . .

. . . . purple haired Mrs. J shows and all hell breaks loose. Some dwarven hit men come gunning for her, and the rest of then come to her aid. Six Gun Sally starts blasting, KAJ starts summoning. Emerald turns one of them on, Straight Laced covers Mrs. J, and the old guy starts flooding the place. Once calm resumes, they head outside where Mrs. J lays a proposition on them. Seems there’s this optical disk gone missing, valuable too. Seven songs by the late, great Jet Black, encrypted and all, up for sale on the black market, blah, blah, — get to the point—and if they get it back for her, they all get 3K NY. Half up front, even. Seems like a cinch, what could be simpler?

Emerald takes the newly formed gang over to her shop while they check their contacts. Emerald’s blogger Be_itch turns up a few things. For one, ‘Mrs. J’ is really Dana Winter Price. For another, the orc rocker Nabu apparently got an offer to by the disc. He’s performing out of town in the Redmond Barons. So they all head out there in the old Doc’s truck. They deal with the rather lax security and Doc is able to get a hold of and answer the email. Some hacker name of Zipper sets them up with a buy op at a dump called Coda in the Red Barrens. Supposed to meet a Kirwin Loomis who owns the joint. Turns out Loomis’ father, TK, once worked for Carrion Records where the disk was made.

Just as they’re getting to the Coda, spot five, well armed humps from TPK Security heading in. Round back see Kirwin running for his life. After Emerald faked the humps out, they get Loomis in the truck. He’s only too glad to get rid of the disc.

[April 3, 2072]

[Red Barrens, Clark’s Warehouse, 1AM]

The disc is encrypted, but everyone’s curiosity is piqued, so after and as some rest and recover, Emerald arranges for a drop pick up of a Fuchi 9000 Optical disc player. Johnny Straight, who’s in the midst of some kind of science experiment, stays behind.

[Downtown, 3AM, drop point]

After Emerald picks up the player, Doc manages to open one set of files which turn out to be seven Jet Black songs. The disk is title, “For Enlightenment, Contact Absent friends," which Wren notes as ‘notes’ or some sort of clue. Copies are made of these songs, but the other file remains a closed mystery.

[Downtown, 3AM, former location of Carrion Records]

All that remains is a dusty studio with a dwarf, for sound tech, now just acting as caretaker. Friendly enough, he tells of/confirms one Delphia used to work here but had to flee the mob or something. She’s a BTL dealer. He also confirms that TK Loomis worked on that recording, but TK went belly up in Miami some months back. Maybe that’s how Kirwin came into the disc? In the rear room, replete with hungry Devil Rats, they find her address back in the Barrens.

[Redmond Barrens, Delphia’s, 4AM]

Delphia knows someone who might be able to decode the other part of the disk, but first a favour. Go to the Lotus Flower Card Room, downtown [again!] and pick up a package from Mr. Lo. This comes off without a hitch, only Four Gun Shenanagins hangs outside while the others go in and make the pickup.

[Redmond Barrens, Delphia’s, 4:30AM]

After delivering the package, without snooping, they get the name Marli Bremmerton who used to be part of Jet Black’s group.

[Richmond Highlands, Marli Bremmerton’s Manson, 5AM]

After gaining admittance, speak with a hologram of a younger Marli. Play the music for her. She says she has a friend who might help. She’ll let them know.

Outside and down the block, Doc picks up an outgoing call –to a ‘Rita’ about the disk and the ‘fact’ that Jet Black is not really dead!- and then gets a call setting up a meet in the cemetery where Jet Black is ‘buried!’ Doc decides to keep this little nugget to himself.

[Everett, the Cemetery, 6:30 AM]

After scoping the place out and finding way too many people, mages, drones, lurking, go in cautiously as figure they know what’s going on. Well, close but no cigar. Rita offers 5K NY for the disk and 5K to destroy any copies and keep their mouths shut. Seems a no brainer money wise. Make the deal and then – surprise, surprise- the drone attacks along with the mage and some other tough dudes. A TPK Security ambush! In the heavy rain, gun fire, spells and counter spells, blinding, and arrow up the ass, taking control of the drone – no, yes, no, yes- until silence. And they beat a hasty retreat, 10,000 NY richer and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

[Red Barrens, Clark’s Warehouse, 7AM]

Greeted by a hollow projector—the voice which made the original contact/contract offer, not a happy camper. Says we owe him one for free next time, and he seems to represent Satyr Crop Industries. This seems to upset Doc, but Emerald just shrugs it off as she doesn’t believe in dragons.

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