Xiang Jian

Agent of the Yellow Lotus Triad


Xiang Jian is a young, Chinese woman in her middle twenties. She has dark hair and green eyes; and distinctive nano-tattoos of Lotus flowers on her face and arms (though those had been removed during her recent undercover assignment). When not work undercover; she prefers to wear sharp, actioneer business suits; with a pair of Colt 2066s in shoulder holsters underneath.

An adept in the service of the Yellow Lotus Triad; Xiang Jian is one of Boss Chang’s personal agents. She reports directly to him; and takes her assignments from him, which tend to be high risk, high value operations; such as the recent attempt to determine where the new Tempo smuggling operation was being run, which lead to the deaths of four of her fellow operatives.

When not on the job; she can usually be seen at Club 82; Downton, awaiting instructions from Boss Chang.

Xiang Jian

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