Samriel Lockwood

Mystic Crusader. Black Ops. Artifact thief?


Samriel Lockwood was considered to be the most likely thief of the sextant that Jane was hired to retrieve; but recent events have cast that into doubt. Instead; he seems to be searching for it; along the same lines of the team. Little is known about his background; save that he’s an operative for the Mystic Crusaders, a branch of the Atlantean Foundation, that he’s an adept, a user of augmentation and a real, hardcore black ops type.

He’s a Caucasian elf, packing a very heavily musceled build and crew-cut gray hair. Slightly above average height, and looks to be in his twenties. Given his metatype, that doesn’t say much about his true age. He has a set of solid silver cybereyes.

Samriel Lockwood

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