Jane "Frosty" Foster

Elven Shadowrunner


Jane ‘Frosty’ Foster is an elf with long, curly brown hair; clear blue eyes and a stunning smile. Given the current job in Lagos; she’s wearing light clothing; a t-shirt and cargo pants, under an armored jacket; with an Ares Predator holstered at her side; and a survival knife sheathed at her boot.

Currently; she’s employing the team to help her recover a stolen sextant, and, in absence of that, acquire the Piri Reis map. A shadowrunner in her own right; she’s working for an unknown third party.

Her background is almost a complete mystery.

As recent events have demonstrated; she’s an incredibly powerful mage; easily capable of Force 12 spells; even while casting inside a toxic aspected zone.

Jane "Frosty" Foster

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