Boss Chang

The Sin Fung of the Yellow Lotus Triad in Seattle


The Sin Fung of the Yellow Lotus Triad; Mr Chang is the vanguard and warlord of the Triad. He deals with the gangs that falls under the influence of the Yellow Lotus; and makes sure their territory is secure against threats from other syndicates. He doesn’t deal with Shadowrunners often; that’s usually delegated to his Lieutenants. When he does deal with them; you know it’s important.

He’s a Chinese man in his middle thirties, with black hair and eyes perpetually concealed by a set of mirrorshades. He wears a black trenchcoat and a white scarf. It is almost certain, by the rumors of the Seattle underworld, that he’s an adept. While he can be found anywhere in Seattle while on business; he can usually be found overseeing Club 82 near the top of the Redtail Skyscraper in Downtown Seattle.

Boss Chang

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