[DOB 2041-8-13, Montreal, Quebec] female, Asian American, 5’4, 115lbs, black hair, brown eyes


B 2, A 5, R 4, S 3, C 3, I 3, L 2, W 3, ESS 6, INIT 7, IP 1

Active Skills: Dodge 4, Etiquette(Street) 4, Intimidation 4, Pistols 3 (+2 Hammerli 620s), Unarmed (Shock Gloves +2) 3

Know. Skills: Chinese, English, + ?


Acey led a ‘normal’ young woman’s life for the first 20 years. She worked in the main office of Cross Applied Technology in Montreal where she gathered data, plenty of data. And then her father was gunned down in the streets of Chinatown, by one mob or the other. Word was that her entire family was endangered. She took her 12 yr old brother, Ryan, and fled, using her ‘knowledge’ of CAP to allow her to go underground rather than ‘go public.’ She ended up in Seattle, 2064, where she used her connections with the Asian gangs to open All American Liquors, which has become a front for her many questionable money making endeavors. In 2067 she encountered would be thief, one elven female Emerald, who made the mistake of trying to rob the place. Rather than have Emerald erased, Acey took her under her wing and showed her the ropes, and other clichés, until the elf could stand on her own. Acey hopes to someday find out why her father was killed, by whom, and to get vengeance for this act. Till then . . . . she waits. . . . .


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