Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

The Hawthone Affair-Part Two

[August 27, 2072, Seattle]

The Team spent a few days doing their individual tasks.

Doc had easily got the layout of the Knight Errant Facility:

Level 1: Lobby, Front Desk, Drunk Tank, Group Cells, Line up, Patrol Desks, Break Room, Gym, Lockers, Showers, Janitor’s Closet, Public Bathroom

Level 2, 4, 5, 6: Detectives’ Desks, Lieutenant’s Office, Captain’s Office, Break Room, Janitor’s Closet, Bathroom, CSI Lab (Level two is Traffic Detective, Level Four is Gang Control, Level Five is Vice and Level 6 is Robbery/Homicide). Detective Patricia Conner’s office is on level 6, as is Detective Hawthorne’s desk.

Level 3: Secure Area (Evidence Vault, Armory, Secure Cells), Captain’s Office, Conference Areas, Interrogation Rooms, Corporate Representatives’ Offices, Bathroom

Level 7: SWAT Major’s Office, SWAT gym, SWAT Control, SWAT Armory, Ritual Room, Bathroom

Level 8: Major’s Office, Colonel’s Office, Dispatch, Security Air Traffic Control, Drone Control, Internal Security Control, Private Officers’ Bathroom

Roof: Helipad, Anti-air Missiles

Basement: Morgue, Firing Range, Motor Pool, Underground Access

Sub-Basement: Long term cells, Emergency Generator, Power and Water connectors.

All levels could be accessed by a bank of four elevators from the Lobby, and staircases at the North and South of the building. There’s a fire escape on the east and west side of the building. The main entrance is at the south of the building; and there’s a utility entrance at the west side for maintenance personnel. It was this one that would most likely provide their access.The motor pool is accessed via an underground garage entrance a block east of the building. There’s an entrance at the east of the building for checking in prisoners. This entrance also contains a direct elevator from the group cells/drunk tank to the Sub-Basement cells and the motor pool. The Sub-Basement Term Cells can only be accessed by the elevator from the Group Cells; it is impossible to access the generator and power connections from the cells without taking down a well.

The station is commanded by an elf, Colonel Angela Morelli; and her right hand dwarf is Major Kerein Payne. SWAT is commanded by a troll, Josie Smith.

Emerald tailed Detective Conner, not just to know where she goes, but to study and learn her mannerisms so she could better impersonate her when attempting to access the files. She found that Conner spent eight hours a day at the station when not on a case, from 10AM to 6 PM. Currently she was working on the water tower destruction; though she was not spending much time in the field investigating it. She seemed ready to write it off. On one occasion she went to a house at Vashon Island for a few hours. Tracing the house’s ownership records only came up with obvious pseudonyms. Detective Conner spent her off hours frequenting high class nightclubs across the city. She has a luxury condo in a fancy apartment block downtown.

Delta and Jinx kept tabs on the Spotless Cleaning Company which was responsible for cleanup duties around the station. One team of three janitors are present at the stations between 8AM and 6PM. A team of six comes in at 10PM to clean up any major messes and perform maintenance and they stay until 2 or 3AM depending on how much needs to be done. They have many, many uniforms that need to be cleaned frequently, owing to the nature of the work. Jinx was easily able to swipe four of them that fit the team.

[August 28, 2072, 2AM, Detective Connor’s Pad, Seattle]

There was one more piece of prep work before they could act, they needed Connor’s face, eye scan and key card. It was up to the very talented Emerald to obtain all three. Now, Doc did help by procuring a face printer and a retinal scan stealer, but Emerald had to perform the late night B&E.

Dressed up and acting as Connor, Emerald broke in to the posh building. OK, so Doc opened the main door, but Emerald waltzed past the security guard. Wait, there was no security guard. OK, so Emerald did get into the elevator and actually push the button for the 39th floor all on her own. Then, after Doc opened the front floor of the condo, Emerald did have to pick an interior lock all by herslef! It was then she realized she was not alone. For reasons known only to the higher powers, Connor had a live in body guard who patrolled her hallways at night. Hmmm . .. . . Resisting the urge to shock him, Emerald made herself invisible and by passed him. This also helped her with the in house security cameras. Boy, talk about paranoia. ‘Ok, let’s talk about paranoia. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.’

She found and entered Connor’s bedroom and watched the sleeping beauty well, er, sleep. In spite of the many tempting items of interest, Emerald stayed focused on the task at hand. She used the face mask to obtain a print of Connor’s face, then the scanner to get her eye. Naturally, she had to hold the sleeping eyes open to do this. ‘Look deep into my eyes. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Hey, Emerald, wake up.’ Once done she looked for Connor’s bag, wallet, whatever, where the key card might be, but did not find it in the bedroom.

Back in the hallway, she checked on the guard who was now conveniently sleeping in the side hallway, leaning against the exit door. Hmmmmm….. … Moving inwards she searched the living room to no avail, then the dining room where the wallet lay. Of course, there just happened to be a security camera watching the table at pretty much the exact spot where the wallet lay. ‘Some people can be very possessive about their food.’ Emerald fashioned an image of the wallet while removing the wallet. No wait, that’s the image, er, no, it’s the wallet, er, well.’ Under table she made a copy of the the key card and then replaced the wallet on the table.

Since the guard looked so peaceful in his slumber, ‘There’s a guy who knows how to earn his money,’ Emerald went out on the balcony and lowered herself calmly to the ground blow.

With these final items, they were ready to set the plan in motion.



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