Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

The Hawthone Affair-Part Three

[August 28, 2072, 10PM, Knight Errant Facility, Downtown, Seattle]

No matter how good the plan, something always seems to go wrong. In this case it was Delta. Somehow he’d gone out on his own the previous evening, partying till dawn, with some old friend who just happened to be ‘in town for the weekend’ and was ‘feeling like crap’ so he was not available for the sneak.

Undaunted, the other three forged ahead without him.

Dressed as members of the Spotless Cleaning Company, Emerald and Jinx waited near the Knight Errant Facility. Doc hacked the cleaning truck into submission and then intercepted their distress call. He claimed to be the service team and promised prompt arrival and repair. That was the signal for Emerald and Jinx to head in. With the faces of two of the men in the truck, they entered. Once inside, they explained to the main desk that the truck had broken down and they were sent on to start with the light work. The desk sergeant was anxious for them to get up to the fifth floor where a vending machine had exploded. Undaunted they got into the elevator but ‘accidentally’ pushed 3.

On the third floor they found a flurry of activity with all sorts of meetings going on. Ducking into the washroom, emerald went into a stall and emerged as Connor. Her disguise was so good that it momentarily fooled Jinx. Once calmed down, Jinx headed up to 5 to look into the vending machine incident. Emerald waded her way through the crowd to the file area. It was during this time that Doc intercepted a call from the facility to Connor, demanding that she return there immediately! Uh, oh. At least Emerald was somewhat forewarned when the file guy asked her if she’d seen the Colonel yet. Only mildly confused she asked what he might want which temporarily threw him off. She used the copy of the key card to get into the secure file room and into her three drawers where she found and took both files, secreting them away inside her blouse in a large packet she had sewn in there for this very purpose. It hit her that this was one of those rare moments when someone was trying to get a file out of a police station.

She returned to the washroom and covered herself in the cleaning coveralls once more. Up on the fifth floor Jinx was having the unique experience of trying to mop up a royal mess of liquids that had come out of the vending machine. Broke a nail even! Once joined by Emerald, they used the excuse that they needed larger cleaning equipment and that the truck was on its way. They headed down to the main floor, narrowly missing the real Connor who had arrived and was heading to the file room. Doc had ‘fixed’ the truck and it was on its way. As Emerald and Jinx were exiting the building Connor was sounding the alarm since she had just learned that she had already been there!

In the rear alley, Emerald and Jinx were stopped by security for an ID check. Emerald ‘convinced’ the guard that they were who they were. As they cleaning truck arrived, they moved towards it, waving to cover their faces so they guys inside would not see ‘themselves’ outside. They went right past the truck and off into the night.

[August 28, 2072, 11PM, somewhere in Seattle]

Once they met up with Doc, they all had time to peruse the files:

Club 88 Shooting

Several gunmen entered the Club 88 from the elevator after exiting a van in the underground parking lot. They killed several individuals who have conclusively been identified as Yellow Lotus Triad members; then attempted to kill Mr. Chang, a noted Yellow Lotus boss, and several unknown Shadowrunners; who summarily dispatched the gunmen, then fled the scene. Several other gunmen were in the basement; looting a Yellow Lotus storage area; before inexplicably blowing up their own van and fleeing on foot.

KIA gunmen identified as: James Burrows, security officer working for TPK Security. Iselda Rawlings, security mage working for Executive Protectors. Larin Blueblossom, security officer working for TPK Security. Darryl Johnson, security officer working for RET99.

Traffic cameras traced the fleeing gunmen back to a house on the bay at 120 Victoria in Tacoma.

Case Sealed, by orders of Detective-Captain Patricia Conner. Approved by Colonel George Hastings from Knight-Errant Central. Approve by Governor Brackhaven. Order to destroy given by Colonel George Hastings.

Helicopter Assault Case

Three cars destroyed outside the manor at 54th Rosemary. Fifteen casualties; all members of the Yellow Lotus Triad. An elite hit team. The manor itself was burned down afterwards.

Arson team report: Firebomb detonated in basement, with accelerants spread throughout the first floor.
Traffic cams identify top members of Vory, Red Dragon and Octagon Triad and Shotozumi-Gumi Yakuza entering the manor before the attack and leaving afterwards. Dr Caldwell left the manor last with an escort and travelled to a house on Vashon Island. He is believed to have set the fire.

Air traffic control indicates that the helicopter took off and returned to a location in Puyallup (GPS coordinates attached), near Mount Ranier.

Case Sealed, by orders of Detective-Captain Patricia Conner. Approved by Colonel George Hastings from Knight-Errant Central. Approve by Governor Brackhaven. Order to destroy given by Colonel George Hastings.

Unfortunately, reading these accounts and noting that they had not been destroyed raised a few eyebrows. Why hadn’t Connor destroyed them?

One obvious possibility was that she was keeping them to hold over someone. But, what if she was actually ‘good’? Maybe she had not yet destroyed them cause she was keeping them as evidence on other’s wrongdoing? Hmmmm . . . .

This led to some fatigue induced ideas, mostly from emerald and Jinx about somehow getting Connor and Hawthorne together and letting them sort it out, which might mean one shooting the other, or both shooting the other. Hmmm . . . . . It was finally decided to just stick with the original plan and contact Hawthorne and hand over the files. They did so and a meet was arranged at Larry’s Bar in two days time.

[August 30, 2072, 10PM, Larry’s Bar, Downtown Seattle]

The Team arrived early to keep an eye on the place. They saw Hawthorne arrive early and heard her arrange for a private room. Shortly after, however, a cleaning truck arrived, this time the other ‘cleaners’ the ones of the squeaky variety. Uh, oh.

Rather than start a firefight, the booted it around the back just as Hawthorne emerged running for her life. Jinx put down some suppressing fire while the detective made in to Doc’s truck. This should have ended thing except for the gun turret that was ominously looming from the roof of the Squeaky Cleaning truck. Big time UH-OH!

As Doc peeled away Emerald levitated the hood of the cleaning truck so as to obscure their view. One of the ‘cleaners’ got out and shot out one of Doc’s rear tires. Emerald had to redirect her energies to this area of their truck to keep them righted. Meanwhile the ‘cleaners’ got off on good missile which fortunately missed creating some debris and a smokescreen for the Team’s escape.

Once safely away, they handed the files over to Elizabeth Hawthorne. She looked through them, lucky to be alive, but still on the job. As a reward, she then gave the Team the location of a sunken diamond smuggling ship in the Puget Sound. She also asked them to stay on this ‘case’ by investigating two addresses of interest. The first was the house on the bay at 120 Victoria in Tacoma where the hit team had retired to, and the other was the house at Vashon Island which Connor occasionally visited.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they’ll still be there when the real work is done.



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