Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

The Hawthone Affair-aftermath or after them

[September 2, 2072, Seattle]

Emerald, Delta and Doc kept on the move, which turned out to be a good thing. Delta drove while Doc tried not to fry himself while hacking just about any source he could find. Meanwhile emerald sat in the back keeping her eyes and ears peeled to any trouble. No problem with that as she picked up a police band notice about some terrorists who coincidentally fit their descriptions! Oh, yeah, and this warning was accompanied by a shoot on sight notice! Kinda put a damper on the after party celebrations they did not have planned, but anyway . . .

Doc continued to fry himself learning about an about to occur hit on some diplomat at the airport. Normally, they might have given a crap, but with the ‘shoot to kill’ out on them, the poor fool was on his own. The President was not scheduled for 8 months, so that could wait. Deciding that life was worth living after all, they headed into the safety of the Red Barrens where they booked a room in Larry’s No-Tell Motel. Meanwhile, Emerald had all her friends use safe lines to report bogus sightings of them all over town, except the Red Barrens.

Safely ensconced at Larry’s they learned through Jayna that good old Detective Connor had put out the hit order on them, made it look like they had killed Hawthorne, and tampered with the crime scene. Wonderful, juts wonderful. They were able to find a money trail to Connor and Colonel Hastings, but what to do with this info?

It was decided to take a chance. They knew that Colonel Angela Morelli was in charge of that cop shop so they contacted her, all the way east in Detroit. She was skeptical, but when sent sufficient evidence, she became more cooperative.

[September 8, 2072, Seattle]

It took some time, but six days later they were ‘cleared,’ as in no longer dead meat. But still . . . Oh, yeah, and somehow Connor had disappeared.

With some free time they used the sub to find those sunken diamonds, a suitcase full in fact. Now how to fence them????

Decisions, decisions and then the comlink sounded and Frosty’s familiar voice could be heard. . . .



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