Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

The Doctor is in . . . Town, that is.

[June 28, 2072, 7PM, Club 88, Seattle]

At the request of Boss Chang through Jinx [formerly known as Shena, Shenanigans, Six Gun, etc.] the Black Jets arrived at the 88th floor of the Excelsior Building in downtown Seattle. It seems their old nemesis, Dr. Caldwell, has left his ship and moved into the Hilton downtown. This concerned Boss Chang so he wants the team to shadow the good doctor and find out what he might be up to. Boss Chang added that Dr Caldwell was being driven around town in a Mercedes and escorted by three body guards.

It seemed a very straight forward shadow job. In her old days Emerald would have taken on something like this by herself, but she was part of a te4am now so she would be a good girl, a good team player. ‘No E’s in team.’ Hmmm . . .

. . . and then the lights went out! It quickly became apparent that they were being Steven Segaled [Under Siege] by pros who were out to kill. They ended up taking refuge, and stock, in the security room where Doc realized that some file invader was downloading data. As Wren sent her air spirit to the rescue, Emerald used the old rolling flashlight trick to draw fire away from herself and allow Jinx to do some shooting. Naturally, the flashlight bit the dust. ‘note to self: but a new flashlight.’ Once the smoke had cleared and the shooting stopped, they had captured a dwarf and blown up the van that brought the baddies here. Boss Chang was just a bit miffed, to say the least.

[June 28, 2072, 9PM, Redmond Barrens]

If they were going to do proper surveillance, they were going to need some good equipment, and the man who sells the best is Crazy Ivan, the Russian. A brief detour here got them what they needed and Emerald picked up a very high quality maglock passkey for future entries.

[June 28, 2072, 11PM, Downtown]

The team took up residence in an empty apartment in the building across from the Hilton. From what they could gather, the Doctor was in and he and his three chums were sleeping. They let sleeping dogs lie . . . . for now.

[June 29, 2072, Morning, Downtown]

With the cross street surveillance working all that was left was bugging the good doctor so they could more easily keep tabs on his whereabouts. Emerald put on her business suit and bumped into Doc Caldwell in the hallway as he and da guys were leaving their room, dropping her purse in the meantime. But, as it turned out, the doc was no gentleman, he left Emerald at the altar to pick up her own stuff and still have the bug with her. Undaunted, Emerald, not invisible, followed them to the hotel restaurant where she waited at the end of the buffet table. By now wren and Jinx had joined the party, playing the role of a young couple in love. As Wren entered she detected a astral form mage guarding the entrance, and likely aware of Emerald’s presence. Still undaunted, the elf played the woman scorned. As Doc Caldwell got to the end of the table with a full tray she cleverly tripped him, planted the bug and headed for and out the door, saying, “He refused to pay me,” to whomever might hear her.

Emerald returned to the apartment where she and Doc kept tabs on Wren and Jinx who followed Doctor Caldwell and his boys in a limo.

[June 29, 2072, touring Seattle]

Wren and Jinx, still playing the young couple in love scenario, followed Caldwell’s Mercedes around Seattle for most of the day. In Auburn he received an astrally active briefcase which contained Tempo, a drug which allows people to perceive astrally. In a Japanese restaurant he met with members of the Yakuza. In the afternoon, he met with some Russians at the Tacoma docks where he was shot at by some female, who was later identified as Jennifer Sundancer, a member of the Black Cats an Amerindian resistance organization. Later in Little Asia, Tacoma, he met with members of the Octagon and Red Triads. In each of the meeting, his message was the same. He showed off his Tempo and invited all to a meeting that evening at a mansion on an island in Lake Samish.

As the day progressed, Wren and Jinx got louder and louder and starting making wild suggestions. They were ready to attack Caldwell and his guys, and these gang leaders, right here and now. Doc wondered what was up with them. ‘Sounds as if they’ve gotten into the limo’s bar or something. Too much sake maybe?’ In an effort to distract them, Emerald began one of her long and winding tails, how this reminded her of an old novel,

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.”

-The Godfather, Mario Puzo, 1969.

‘In it there are all these godfathers, but there is one main godfather, and he has one rule, in his rather lack of rules existence, he wants nothing to do with drugs. When one of the other godfathers suggested that all the godfathers get into the drug trade he refuses and gets shot for his efforts. So maybe that’s what’s going on here. Caldwell knows that Boss Chang runs BTL, not Tempo, so he’s trying to get all the other gangs in league with him, leaving Chang out in the cold.’ Emerald’s rendition so bored Wren and Jinx that they just about fell asleep in the limo and forgot about trying to shoot it out with Caldwell. ‘Worked.’

Once Caldwell had made his rounds, he returned to his hotel where a phone tap revealed that he was behind the attack on Chang’s place last night and that he also intended to take out O’Malley. It turned out that they were not the only ones keeping tabs on Caldwell, as a blonde in a blue car followed him back and entered her own room full of surveillance equipment.

Caldwell later met with the VP’s of some mercenary companies.

[June 29, 2072, 7PM, Lake Samish]

The meeting began to take place at a manor house on the lake. Gradually the gang leaders showed up. Naturally, the Team was capturing the show on video. After a brief briefing, some obsidian SUVs arrived followed by some helicopters which blew up the SUVs, demonstrating Caldwell’s military strength. It seemed a good demo as the gangs agreed to get in bed with Caldwell.

Meanwhile, the Team informed Chang of these goings on and discretely leaked the video of the meeting to the media.

‘Let nature take its course.’ . . . . . for now. . . . . .



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