Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

Snow Job . . . Only a Figure of Speech

[July 4, 2072, 6PM, Grey Line Restaurant, Puget Sound]

A call from their old friend Frosty had brought the Team together at this fine eatery. The term ‘team’ was becoming a bit of a misnomer, for their numbers had been reduced to a mere three. Wren had gone off to Japan on some special mission. So, Emerald, Doc and Jinx met with Jane. She was still on the quest for the sextant and had a line on it in Chicago. The money offered was good, maybe even too good, so they agreed to a cross country flight.


Aboard a private Lear jet, they had time to consult their contacts. Frosty had studied the map they had obtained in Lagos. If she performed a somewhat exhausting ritual, it would give her a fairly exact location of the sextant. A lead on the current thieves suggested them to be a mage named Sonora, and two companions. Emerald’s blogger Jayna came up with their possible locations in Ares and Aztec controlled areas, and offered an alternative of contacting a mob boss with the moniker of Nick the Greek. ‘Can’t be too many of them around.’

[July 5, 2072, 2AM, Chicago]

That toddling town – OK, make it that snow covered town for here in early July they landed in the midst of a raging blizzard! In an SUV they survived a harrowing drive along icy roads along Route 295 to a hotel. The SUV was quickly deemed not suitable for further transport.


A visit to Larry’s Vehicle Rentals gained them three snowmobiles. ‘Wonder how many Larry rents in July?’ From there they headed for the south side, deftly bypassing some gangers who wanted a bribe. ‘Do they think we are in Lagos?’

[9AM Shawn’s Irish Pub, Pugmothon]

Sonora had been there looking for transport out, but Shawn had declined and sent her and her two companions to see the infamous Nick. ‘Oh, boy, more fun in the snowmobiles!’

On the trip to Nick’s they interrupted an attack on some orcs by some human brigade. The orcs were grateful for the help and owed them one.

[11AM Nick’s, Point Calumet]

Nick admitted knowing Sonora, whom he confirmed was looking for transport out of town. Once again, her request had been denied. Nick claimed to have sent her, and her big orc and a weasely human companion to the Lake Calumet smugglers on, sigh, the south side . .. again.


They met with the smugglers in an office building, again too late. They had sent Sonora to the Spires in what is known as The Zone—Union territory protected by The Wall.


They made their way around The Wall and into The Zone, an area protected by fluorescent bacteria which eats magic. ‘Wonderful.’ To make matters worse they were set upon by some insect spirit possessed dogs, or was it dogs possessed by insects? Did it matter?

[6PM The Spire]

When they finally got to the Spire they found it being set upon by Nick’s boys. Frosty had been conducting the ritual and reported that the sextant was moving west. The Team ‘borrowed some snowmobiles and took chase, only to learn that Sonora was soon in flight, apparently off to Denver.

Time to call in a marker. Wingman, one of those orcs, owed them one so he arranged for a Mig 67 with an orc pilot to fly them as far as Cheyenne. Only one state away.

Close but no cigar. . . . .



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