Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

Finally Sex in a Tent, er, the Sextant!

[July 8, 2072, 6PM, San Bernadino, CA.]

Thanks to a flight from Crazy Ludwick and Unreasonably Ruthless Ruben, the Team flew across the ever dangerous Mojave Dessert and got to the same destination as Sonora once more.

Yet, even though they had risked life and limb by flying across the Mojave, they were still behind Sonora who had taken a longer way. Hmmm . . . .

Still in an area under the auspices of the Pueblo Corporate Council, a scan of the area revealed that Sonora had been picked up by two black vans. Frosty actually arranged ground transport for them this time, no visits to no ‘Crazy Whomevers,’ by bringing in some motorcycles with the Ancients behind the handlebars. After a thrill ride the Team got to the Cafe House.

[July 8, 2072, 8PM, McCartney’s Irish Pub, San Bernadino, CA.]

A lead brought them here for this was where Sonora’s fixer was rumored to be. The plan was to claim they had a job for Sonora and wanted to hire here services, in hope of bringing her to them. Shortly afterwards, they were met in an ally by a silver haired dwarf female in a limo who agreed to a ‘job meeting’ in two days time. Meanwhile, Doc began to hack her comlink. But they were not alone as they were being tailed by a red sedan supposedly belonging to one Frank Eldrich. The Team split up to give him the shake, and once that had been accomplished, Delta put the tail on him. Coincidentally, it returned to the limo.

[July 8, 2072, 10PM, Safe House, San Bernadino, CA.]

Upon returning to their ‘safe house,’ they found it to be anything but, as there were two black vans sitting ominously outside, and there was splintering around the door jam. Doc and Delta burst in the front to find some Burning Angels with Frosty in their clutches. Emerald and Jinx came round the back. As the gunfight ensued, Emerald found herself outside alone and more nasties were arriving. Disguising herself as their leader she made a beeline towards and past them, screaming to ‘get out of dodge.’ She must had been convincing as they hopped in the van behind her. Using her driving skills, or lack thereof, she slammed her van into theirs and, well, ‘got out of dodge,’ while theirs exploded into the night.

With Frosty now safe, they sent some Ancients to attack the Burning Angels warehouse. And that was when the enigmatic Samriel Lockwood made his reappearance. And, he offered his help. Hmmmmm . . . .

[July 9, 2072, Midnite, The Warehouse of the Burning Angels]
With the place now cleared, thanks to the Ancients, the Team searched. Once again, they had missed Sonora. Once again a large building had a hole in the floor. And, once again, they felt the need to explore. They found themselves in a lake, Deep Lacuna, and there were jet skis there for the taking.

[July 9, 2072, 2 AM, Deep Lacuna] after skiing the lake they finally came to a dock and there they finally caught up with the infamous Sonora. Only she was not their problem as she’d been done in by some fellow who was not holding the Sextant, the holy grail they had been seeking for so very long. He turned out to be Itztli, a blood mage! And he was protected by some sort of force field. Oooops, but the show must go on so they launched an attack suing gas grenades which took down his body guards whom they proceeded to shoot the shit out of just for the hell of it. They probably would have killed Itztli as well, if he didn’t kill them first, only Doc realized his value. A live blood mage is a very valuable commodity indeed. Eventually the Team managed to subdue him take him prisoner, and get their hads on the elusive sextant. Turned out, Sonora was only dreaming, dreaming of the reward she had lost to them, and dreaming of how lucky she was to still be alive thanks to them. So, no harm no foul, they parted as friendly competitors.

[July 9, 2072, 5 AM, Pacific Ocean] Using the rather large submarine they found at the dock they got out from under and into the safe waters of the Pacific. From there it was merely a matter of letting Sonora off somewhere, and hooking up with Frosty, who took the sextant, and paid them what was coming to them. Doc arranged for a ‘transfer’ for Itztli which netted them one huge shitload of NY!

[July 9, 2072, 6 AM, John Wayne Airport, San Bernadino, CA.]

They watched as Frosty’s flew off. Across the tarmac they caught a glimpse of Samriel Lockwood and then he was gone.

‘Rich and comfy, so why are we doing this?’ Emerald returned to Seattle to ponder her fate.



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