Shadowrun: Seattle 2072

Danger in Denver

[July 5, 2072, 11PM, Chicago]

Still after Sonora and the Sextant:

Calling in ‘Wingman’s’ marker the Team boards a Mig 67 for the flight to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Once Emerald, Jynx and Doc get settled, and Frosty shows up, they realize there is a new guy. He intros himself and Delta and claims to be an ‘acquisitions expert.’ ‘Hmm, another thief. Better keep an eye on him.’

“Somewhere east of Denver as I’m flying to Cheyenne
Stuck in this damned old airplane I am,
Ground below is flat as a board, crop circles everywhere.
Cracked my Skull on the overhead and I’m bleeding into my hair.”

—Updated version of “9:53 California Time,” Tyrunn, 2007

[July 6, 2072, Flying ]

The flight only seemed to take forever as it was about 19 hours. ‘We had lunch at MacDonald’s,’ quipped Emerald.

[July 6, 2072, 5PM, Cheyenne]

Now in the Sioux Nation, they rented a car from Crazy Eddie’s Car Rental and headed south.

[July 6, 2072, 10PM, Denver]

The weather was balmy so they finally started to defrost, except of course for Frosty, who clung to her cold demeanor like a baby’s blanket. They made their way into the UCC sector and got rooms at the NQA [No Questions Asked] Hotel. There they checked in with various contacts trying to get a lead on the elusive Sonora. One suggested they visit a Belinda Swiftwing in the Golden Feather Tavern in the Pueblo Council District. Doc tapped in to some facial recog sites and identified Sonora as being in a gunfight.

With new sims at the ready, they got into the PCC and met with Belinda. She admitted meeting Sonora and that she was looking for transport within the PCC. ‘Interesting. A ride within the area she was in? Hmmm. . . . ‘

A visit to the site of the shoot out gave nothing new, except that there were two guys in suits watching the site. These guys were ‘connected,’ and identified as Vito and Luigi.

[July 7, 2072, 2AM, Deer Creek Park, Denver]

A call from Belinda told the Team that Sonora is set to meet with ‘Winding Joe’ at Deer Creek Park, so they headed over there to make the grab. Unfortunately, Sonora was a very popular girl. Many, many bad guys were lying in wait. The sound of a Thunderbird getting ready for takeoff set off a flurry of activity and gunfire. There were those who wanted to get Sonora and those who wanted to help her get away. When the smoke cleared and the bodies were counted, the Team remained intact. However, Sonora’s plane had got off the ground and there was no way to stop it.

Doc did get into the flight plan; she was now headed for San Bernadino, CA.

[July 8, 2072, 6PM, San Bernadino, CA.]

Thanks to a flight from Crazy Ludwick and Unreasonably Ruthless Ruben, the Team flew across the ever dangerous Mojave Dessert and got to the same destination as Sonora once more.



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